Match Report
Marlborough College Malaysia Girls-U15A vs  Sunway International School
On: Wednesday, 08 Nov 2023
Venue: at Home

On Thursday, the U15 girls had a match against Sunway. All of the girls played extremely well, with an amazing finishing score of 43-1. The girls kept the effort and energy high throughout each quarter and got more confident and fluid as a team as time ticked by. On average our attacking group - consisting of primarily Emily, Sol, Isabel and Annabella - had 90% possession in our attacking third; leading to the scoring of an immense 43 goals throughout the 4 quarters of the game, coming two shy of the goal set by the team itself. The defence players, while the ball didn't make it to their half of the court too often they made it count when it did - successfully preventing several goals and aiding to get the ball back into the attacking third with little time to waste and only conceded one goal throughout the entire match.. Notebly, Ms Hendle set a goal for the attack to score in three passes: first pass in the centre, one on the edge of the d and then into the d and score. This was almost executed several times and then with almost no warning at all they got a clear well executed shot and a wonderful goal. Congratulations the entire team for playing so well despite the sweltering heat and we all wish them luck in upcoming matches including the much awaited netball straits.

Written by Poppy & Emily